Domaine Queylus

The Domaine Queylus Vineyard

From the outset the partners agreed that every effort would be made to produce a wine of which they would be proud. From the analysis of soil, to the planting supervised by a consultant from Bordeaux, to the winemaking supervised by a winemaker with a superb reputation, all decisions are taken according to produce a great wine.


Domaine Queylus is dedicated to a select, limited number of grapes that it has identified as adapted perfectly to the region’s soils and microclimate. Pinot Noir thrives in the rich clay/limestone; the area’s geological diversity is ideal for Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay.

The concern for authenticity is reflected in the label and shows Domaine Queylus’ profound attachment to its terroir. The square label is modern while paying homage to the classic Burgundy influence. The graphic of Lake Ontario illustrates the birthplace of this beautiful wine region.

Our Team

Thomas Bachelder

Canada’s 2009 “Winemaker of the Year”, Thomas left his position as winemaker with Le Clos Jordanne to become a consultant, as well as winemaker and Manager of Domaine Queylus. Wine lovers will recognize Thomas’ elegant European signature style. As the régisseur Manager, Thomas is responsible for all of the Domaine’s wine decisions.

Gilles Chevalier

President, co-founder and associate co-director of Domaine Queylus.

Gilles Bussière

Gilles is the Vice-President, co-founder and associate co-director of Domaine Queylus.

Kelly Mason

Our assistant-winemaker, Kelly joined the team in the spring of 2013. Having worked in California, and for some of the top Niagara Domaines, as well as along with Thomas Bachelder at Le Clos Jordanne, she is highly familiar with his distinctive style and is an intuitive winemaker in her own right.


Gilles Chevalier, Gilles Bussière, Raymond Nantel, Germain Carriere, Michel Trudel, Robert Leewarden, Brian and Olivier Kavanagh, Claude Huot, Jocelyn Huot, Alain Duclos, Jean-Raymond Spénard, Champlain Charest and Daniel Cleroux.

The Vineyards

The fields consist of 40 acres (16 hectares) of which more than half is composed of different clones of Pinot noir. The area is spread over three vineyards on three appellations: Lincoln Lakeshore near Beamsville; Twenty Mile Bench Jordan; and Vinemount Ridge in St Ann’s.

Wine-making practices:

At Domaine Queylus, our investment in knowledge and fine workmanship produces the very best which the vines and the soils can offer.


Considerable effort has been made towards the development of the vineyard of Beamsville (West Queylus):

  • Site identification
    – The partners preferred to choose a good site and start anew rather than buy an existing vineyard.
  • Climatology of the Site
    – Low-lying areas allow the vineyard to enjoy warmer temperatures promoting the maturation of the grapes.
  • The mild climate and proximity to Lake Ontario reduces damage to vines caused by winter.
    – Analyses have revealed soils with different characteristics. Pinot noir is planted on typical clays soils of the Bench, Merlot enjoys blue clay typical of the Pomerol region, Cabernet franc is established in richer soils and Chardonnay is established in silty soils.
  • Qualitative choice (drainage)
    – A comprehensive drainage system has been installed throughout the vineyard which is calibrated according to the soil type.
  • Land Integrity
    – Where required, the ground was leveled and land was left fallow for two years to allow for the rejuvenation of microbial culture.
  • Selection of clones and rootstocks
    – This selection was made by our consultant from Bordeaux, Alain Sutre, who has completed several projects in Canada.
    – The selection was based on soil analyses carried out in France.
    – All the vines were imported from either Burgundy or California.
  • Practice of viticulture
    – Inspired by France’s best wine practices adapted to the climate of the Niagara.
    – The vines have been planted in 1 x 3 metre plots, promoting root development.
    – Domaine Queylus promotes minimal intervention in the vineyards to maintain the integrity of the terroir.

Jordan (Queylus East)

Since 2012, Domaine Queylus has benefited from a long-term lease of a vineyard located on the Bench to Jordan: Queylus East. This small, 9 acre vineyard was planted in 2002 and has been under the expert stewardship of Thomas Bachelder since its inception.

– Queylus East produces wines marked by elegance and a minerality that complements the wine of Beamsville

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